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  • Art
  • ARQ Designs Art

    With a unique blend of form, function and style, ARQ provides custom design solutions that enhance lifestyles within contemporary spaces.

  • JAH ROC Galleries

    Art has an amazing ability to completely transform a space. It can add colour, set the mood of the room and create a focal point that becomes a topic of discussion for visitors to your home. If you’re building a new home now is a great time to consider how you might incorporate art in your new environment. 

  • Look Art Consulting

    Paul Auckett from Look Art Consulting, provides bespoke advice for art lovers, helping to establish and develop their collections with strategies for purchasing and selling of art works.

  • Traditional Stained Glass
    Tradition Stained Glass is a family-owned and operated business. At Tradition Stained Glass we are very proud of our history and prominence within our industry.
    As a third-generation designer, I believe our business has contributed many quality pieces of art glass to our broad variety of customers, and will continue to do so for years to come.
  • David Giles Art Studios

    David Giles Art Studios was established by well know Australian artist David Giles to provide an outlet for his own work and other artists from the "Freedom School" group.