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    Look Art Consulting offers a discrete service with tailored solutions for art collectors.Advice that serves to minimise an art buyer’s exposure, whilst building an impressive collection of art pieces which double as assets. 
    Drawing from his extensive experience in the secondary (auction) market over the past 15 years, Paul Auckett's involvement has seen him garner a of a wealth of knowledge, whilst also developing many strategic relationships within the industry. This has enabled Paul a comprehensive understanding of the "asset" artwork market, which is a segment derived from the primary (galleries) market, but a category far removed from decor art . 
    Eventually an artist's work will go through the secondary market, where it's auction result will quantify an artist's market value. however, before that happens there is a lot of conjecture and second-guessing as to where artist’s value may end up, which is when an art advisor’s knowledge is most appropriate.
    In the meantime, the best general advice for art buyers is not to view artwork as an investment, which may appreciate, but rather as an asset which is appreciated and if need be, can be sold. First and foremost, an art buyer should LOVE the piece, as the only tangible investment an artwork represents, is when an audience appreciates it. 
    Whether n artwork is  by a Blue Chip name, a Mid Career artist or a promising up and comer, the principle is the same, there should be an audience who enjoys the piece and a demand for the artist’s work.
    Another important factor is that the picture should be a typical and "good" example of an artist 's oeuvre.
    These fundamentals, together with the right advice, can make the difference between a collection of assets on the wall or just an assortment of “wall fillers”.Art when chosen wisely, along with all of the aesthetic considerations, can indeed have the distinct advantage of being one day traded in the secondary market.
Look Art Consulting, Art, Country Builders WA
Look Art Consulting, Art, Country Builders WA
Look Art Consulting

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Look Art Consulting, Art, Country Builders WA
Look Art Consulting