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    From its humble beginnings in Holland, the legacy of our business began with my great grandfather in 1908. His basic skills were then passed onto my grandfather, who fell in love with the stained glass art form.
    My grandfather began to explore the possibilities of creating beautiful art pieces in glass. His enthusiasm opened up many new doors to create stunning stained glass for cathedrals and private residences.
    In 1952, he moved his family and his business to Fremantle. Over time, my grandfather developed a strong reputation as a prominent and well-respected craftsman in the stained glass industry. This enabled him to grow his business and work on many fine commissions here in Perth.
    As he entered his winter of his career, he began looking for his successor to keep the business in the family. It soon became obvious that I was a natural artist and designer, and would be the right person to whom he should transition the business. I was living in Canada at the time, where I received the opportunity to come and study the art of stained glass in Perth, Western Australia and seek my destiny.
    I fell in love with the art form and the whole idea of keeping the family business alive was a challenge I wanted to be a part of. Working alongside my grandfather, a true craftsman of the old school, was a real pleasure. He taught me so much about the European style of stained glass manufacturing, which is very unique to our business in Australia today. Now, some 35 years later, I find myself still looking for new ideas and fresh concepts.
    It is a never-ending quest for quality designs and craftsmanship.
    My love for the industry has taken me all over the world and my visits to America and Canada, and recently Hong Kong and Macau, have been truly inspiring. I have been to some of the largest glass suppliers in the world, including Spectrum Glass in Seattle, Washington, as well as Bullseye Glass and Urobourus Glass companies in Oregon.
    These travels have enabled me to gain knowledge on the latest advances in art glass, and also view first-hand the modern techniques in production and conceptual art forms within our industry.
    Tradition Stained Glass has now moved past its 100th year, and our business not only proudly serves Perth, but we also export our works overseas, where we are unveiling many new emerging markets. We believe that it is from our history, experience and life’s lessons that we are able to create new paths into the future for our next generation of family artists.
Traditional Stained Glass, Perth, Australia, Custom, Art
Traditional Stained Glass, Perth, Australia, Custom, Art
Traditional Stained Glass

Tradition Stained Glass and Leadlights Pty Ltd. Unit 10, 6 McNeece Place
O'Connor, 6163

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Traditional Stained Glass, Perth, Australia, Custom, Art
Traditional Stained Glass