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Bricks & Paving

  • Bricks & Paving
  • Boral Bricks

    Boral Limited is the largest building products and construction materials supplier in Australia. List of Boral Australian owned and operated companies that produce and distribute building products and construction materials for builders, contractors, developers and engineers, includes, Dowell Windows & Doors.

  • Multitex Corporation

    Multitex has pioneered the way in quality exterior decorative wall coatings for more than 30 years.

  • Smiling Rock
    As one of WA’s leading landscape suppliers, Smiling Rock understands this trend and over the nine years they have been trading have built a reputation amongst industry professionals as providing one of the most comprehensive selection of landscaping products in Perth.
  • Austral Bricks

    For creative colour and design think brick. From striking rich chocolate to glorious vintage red, creamy almond or golden light sand, even shiny metallic or smooth pastel palettes, the natural earthy tones of brick provide impressive and lasting colour contrast, perfect in any setting.

  • Thermacell

    Thermacell is smart ICF technology, engineered using special formulas of polystyrene to form strong fire-retardant polystyrene formwork, that can then be used to cast concrete wall and floor structures. This type of wall form delivers advanced strength, thermal and acoustic properties, and far exceeds any other type of building system used in homes, high-rise, commercial, industrial and even some military applications. 

  • Midland Brick

    Boral Concrete's laboratory in Sydney was the first commercial concrete laboratory to be registered by NATA in 1955

  • Claybrick Brikmakers

    Since our inception in 2005, Brikmakers has come a long way. As the State's largest, most versatile and most modern manufacturer, we're now the clear leader in game-changing innovation.