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    Brikmakers' inspiring new technology.
    We treat the Industry Best Practice standard as a minimum level of achievement. We have unmatched, state-of-the-science facilities which consume less energy per tonne of product produced than does any other comparable facility in the nation.
    Our inspiring Western Australia team.
    As a fiercely proud, wholly Western Australian owned company we're determined to prove that our local expertise and service commitment is second to none. Brikmakers can help you with everything from the most rudimentary, standard products and services to our most sophisticated Custombrik service.
    The inspiring new Brikmakers products.
    From our safer, easier-to-manage brick packs to our Lloyd Wright Romanbrik collection we're constantly looking for and developing innovative ways to meet the market's demand for safer, more efficient, better looking and better value building and landscaping materials.
    Our inspiring Custombrik service for Builders and Architects.
    Whenever you have a special opportunity to design and create something new and different but don't want to achieve it using the same sizes, shapes, colours, textures and performance specifications at your competitors' disposal, talk to our Custombrik team. We'll work with you to develop a solution to satisfy your creative needs and work within your budgetary constraints.
    The inspiring new uses and applications.
    We've developed our new products and services to empower you, our customers, to design and construct ever more imaginative homes, commercial buildings and community facilities.
Claybrick Brickmakers, Bricks WA, Country Builders WA
Claybrick Brickmakers, Bricks WA, Country Builders WA
Claybrick Brikmakers

260 Kalamunda Road, South Guildford
WA 6055

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Fax: (08) 6313 1001
Claybrick Brickmakers, Bricks WA, Country Builders WA
Claybrick Brikmakers