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    About Company:


    Smilingrock is a wholesaler of landscaping products, well known supplier for quality natural stone products and ever-luscious green artificial turf. Family owned and operated, we strive to provide these products at unbeatable prices without compromising our enthusiasm in attending to our customers, and ensuring that all their needs are satisfied.


    We notice an increasing trend in homes being built to cater our day to day outdoor lifestyle, our gardens are becoming an extension of our homes more so than ever before. Where previously landscaping was an afterthought when building a new home, or left to be completed only when funds allowed, landscaping budgets are now being allocated as importantly as the final touches to your home.


    Smiling Rock understands this trend and over the nine years they have been trading have built a reputation amongst industry professionals as providing one of the most comprehensive selection of landscaping products in Perth.


    Product and Services Smilingrock Offers, Full Range of Supply for:


    - FIFA rated Artificial Grass (Landscape, Buffalo and Putting)

    - Stone Wall Cladding

    - Stone Pavers (Any kind of Granite, Sandstone, Slate, Marble, Quartz)

    - Pebbles/Riverstones/Stone Chips

Landscaping Wholesale Supplier, Perth Builder Directory, WA
Landscaping Wholesale Supplier, Perth Builder Directory, WA
Smiling Rock

23 Excellence Drive, Wangara

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Fax: 0423 462 988
Landscaping Wholesale Supplier, Perth Builder Directory, WA
Landscaping Wholesale Supplier