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    Thermacell is smart ICF technology, engineered using special formulas of polystyrene to form strong fire-retardant polystyrene formwork, that can then be used to cast concrete wall and floor structures. The blocks are dry-stacked without mortar, and have keyways top and bottom which push together like Lego blocks. The hollow blocks are then filled with concrete. This type of wall form delivers advanced strength, thermal and acoustic properties, and far exceeds any other type of building system used in homes, high-rise, commercial, industrial and even some military applications. Furthermore, Thermacell homes are virtually maintenance free.
    Insulating concrete forms resist fires in several ways. The most obvious is their structural concrete core that will not weaken, warp, twist, or burn regardless of the fire’s heat. In so called “fire-wall” tests, ICF walls are subjected to continuous gas flames and temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius for as long as 4 hours. All of the leading ICF brands took the heat without any sign of weakening. In contrast, wood frame walls typically collapse in an hour or less.
    Thermacell is a highly energy efficient building system because polystyrene is the world’s best insulator. The polystyrene itself totally encases the concrete core and so no leakage of heat is possible. When coupled with double-glazed windows and good insulation in the ceiling, an energy efficient building is achieved. Anywhere from 85% to 90% of heating and cooling costs are eliminated in a Thermacell home, when compared to other uninsulated building systems.  
    Thermacell homes are very quiet to live in, especially when both the internal and exterior walls are made of Thermacell blocks. Essentially it’s the concrete core that is responsible for stopping the transmission of sound through the wall. Combined with double-glazed windows, Thermacell walls will soundproof any house from noisy streets outside, and from internal noise transmitted from room to room. The concrete core also gives good acoustics, which is beneficial for built-in theatre rooms. It’s because of these great acoustic properties that the Thermacell system has been used with such success on large-scale building projects like Hobart’s Federation Concert Hall.
Thermacell, Bricks & Paving, Country Builders WA
Thermacell, Bricks & Paving, Country Builders WA

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Thermacell, Bricks & Paving, Country Builders WA