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    Wool rugs are the perfect premium accessory, combining sophistication with practicality and durability. They are available in a variety of weaves, sizes, weights and patterns.
    Established in Perth, Western Australia in 1980, Artisan Rugs have been designing and manufacturing rugs and carpets for some of Australia’s most prominent hotels, corporate businesses and homes of distinction.
    We have been working with Interior Designers and proud home owners for over 30 years to bring colour and excitement to every location.
    An Australian Design Breakthrough In Automatic Carpet Tufting Technology Now, for the first time you can create beautiful, individual wool rugs and carpets automatically at the press of a button. The new Rugmaster now fills the needs in personalized rug and carpet technology by creating new and individual designs.
    The individual creative designs implemented by the Customer are realized in a very short time.
    From the drawing board to the finished quality product the time taken will now amaze you. The demand for such time-saving rug technology for architects, building designers, interior decorators who insist upon perfection and versatility within a tight work schedule is huge.
    The Rugmaster automatic rug and carpet manufacturing machine is rapidly winning new friends in Australia and overseas because of the low initial outlay and high profits it can return in a very short time span.
    Tests over a long period prove that the Rugmaster is able to cope with long hours of continuous work producing consist quality products. It is capable of producing a six color rug r carpet out of a fully electronic computerized machine.
    It’s compact and cost-efficient to maintain. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the high quality and low cost each rug produced.
Artisan Rugs, Carpets and Rugs, Country Builders WA
Artisan Rugs, Carpets and Rugs, Country Builders WA
Artisan Rugs

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Artisan Rugs, Carpets and Rugs, Country Builders WA
Artisan Rugs