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    Being intimately related to the wine industry and having focused solely on wine cabinets for over two decades, Vintec Australia has developed the largest and most advanced range of wine cabinets to suit all wine storage requirements: in accordance with budgets, interior design and capacity requirements. 

    Vintec wine cabinets offer climate-controlled storage for anywhere between 30 to 4000 bottles and are designed to recreate the perfect storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars. In particular, they protect your wines by:
    - eliminating important temperature variations which denature your wines
    - maintaining humidity levels above 50%, so corks don't dry and crack, letting damaging air "oxidise" your wine 
    - keeping UV light away from your wine, with specially treated tinted glass doors and dark interiors
    VINTEC and TRANSTHERM wine cabinets are distributed nationally through electrical appliance retailers and are recommended by the most respected wine critics. They are also chosen by leading architects and interior designers for use in their innovative kitchens and dining room designs. 
    All wine cabinets come with a 2 year warranty, and are supported by a national after-sales service team. To see the full range go to www.vintec.com.au
Vintec Australia
Vintec Australia
Vintec Australia

Vintec Head Office:
23 Tebbutt St,
Leichhardt NSW 2040

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Fax: 02 9568 3538
Vintec Australia
Vintec Australia