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    Jamel will always be committed in all aspects of our products. 
    We dedicate ourselves passionately to continuous improvement, Jamel as a team will never be satisfied with just doing well, we constantly strive to do better.
    Our team prides itself on training and educating our apprentices the craftsmanship and skills of furniture making at its finest, in particular using our Australian Native Timbers. We look forward to knowing, one day our craftsmen will pass on their knowledge and skills for future generations.
    ‘Jamel House of Fine Furniture’ have been Australian Manufacturers for twenty one years. Our trained staff begin the process of each piece using hi-tech Machinery from Italy & Germany, continuing with the construction, assembling, polishing, finishing off and quality control which is all done “by Hand” through our craftsmen.
    Jamel’s principles have always been, that we don’t just make furniture, we make timeless pieces, antiques of the future with this outlook all ‘Jamel House of Fine Furniture’ and ‘Jamel International’ original pieces have been marked with an exclusive platinum badge, identifying the Era or period your piece was manufactured.
    In July 2012 ‘Jamel House of Fine Furniture’ released its ‘Passport Series’ with each piece being numbered on a passport booklet with details of originality and Authenticity of the product. These products are now exported internationally.
    It is very important to us personally, that people love their furniture piece and for the generations in the future to admire.
Jamel, Furniture, Country Builders WA
Jamel, Furniture, Country Builders WA

68 Achievement Way
Wangara WA 6065

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Jamel, Furniture, Country Builders WA