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    Known as the  "Innovators of Comfort," Ekornes are masters of the comfort needs of the human body and take inspiration from all types of design from fashion and colour to technology and architecture to develop extraordinary furniture that incorporates the most intuitive and beautiful comfort technology.
    Through 80 years of industry experience - from developing classic pieces to trend forecasting to find the next beautiful design, Ekornes grasp what makes furniture part of a lifestyle.
    Stressless was introduced in 1971, as the first recliner designed to meet your body's need for movement and support when seated. The characteristic TV-recliner was a revolution in comfort and functionality, and soon became an international success.
    Offering patented features you won't find on other recliners, from the glide system that follows your slightest movements, to the Plus system for correct neck and lumbar support in every position, Stressless is still known as the ultimate recliner.
    Much more than recliners, the Ekornes and Stressless range, now includes beautiful sofa's and home cinema ranges that are much more than pieces of furniture, they are investments in your home and investments in your comfort.
    For stockists see: www.ekornes.com.au
Stressless Furniture Australia
Stressless Furniture Australia

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Stressless Furniture Australia