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    Astra Walker tapware and bathroom accessories are manufactured in Australia giving Astra Walker complete control over critical phases of development which has resulted in a high quality, durable product, designed for many years of maintenance-free comfort and reliability.

    An independent family-owned manufacturer, Astra Walker offers the ideal design solution in both contemporary and classical bathroom fittings.
    With a range of finishes available, along with the flexibility to custom develop and produce to meet special requirements, the Astra Walker collection is of obvious value to the specifier striving to maintain synergy throughout a project.
    Quality ceramic valving ensues minimal wear and superior flow control, while solid brass construction and the revolutionary DuraShine Chrome Plate maximizes durability.
    Attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship means that all Astra Walker products are manufactured and finished to the highest standard of precision and quality. Dezincification Resistant Brass is used throughout in favour of cheaper alternatives such as Plastic ABS or Standard Metal. The advanced ceramic technologies of EasiMove and DuraDisc ensure smooth operation while providing precise temperature control and adjustment.
    Astra Walker products meet the most demanding test and certification requirements. Astra Walker is WaterMark and WELS approved, holding certificates to AS3718, and AS6400. 
    Eco-sustainable production processes have been developed by Astra Walker to ensure harmony with the environment by reducing the impact our manufacturing places on our valuable resources. Tapware is WELS certified, and is available with an energy rating of 6 Star, 3.5L/min.
    Astra Walker takes functional design to another level.
Astra Walker, Taps and Bathroom Fixtures, Perth Builders Directory, Perth
Astra Walker, Taps and Bathroom Fixtures, Perth Builders Directory, Perth
Astra Walker

215 North Rocks Rd,
North Rocks NSW 2151

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Astra Walker, Taps and Bathroom Fixtures, Perth Builders Directory, Perth
Astra Walker