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    During the past few years, the company has been focusing on improving the overall performance of our core business. This not only adds value to the business, but also allows us to look much closer at how we service our customers.
    This in turn allows us to make improvements to our service offer and examine the true needs of our customer base, with a view to better understanding the benefits our customers are seeking.
    From a product perspective, the business is focusing on growing its activities in products outside of the commodity arena. By engaging in discussion with new suppliers and new supply regions, we can create new market offers for products that can enter the Australian market at the start of the product life cycle and thus create new interest and demand, which leads to new innovation and design options.
    Our medium to long term goal is to develop a very close working relationship with the western Australian architectural community and strive to become a “one stop shop” for information relating to the successful and responsible specification of timber into the domestic and commercial building markets.
    Austim’s future focus will be on achieving measured growth through a process of continual improvement in all aspects of our business, but in particular customer and supplier relations. 
Austim Pty Ltd, Timber and Flooring, Country Builders WA
Austim Pty Ltd, Timber and Flooring, Country Builders WA

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Austim Pty Ltd, Timber and Flooring, Country Builders WA
Austim Pty Ltd