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Custom Home Builders

  • Wholagan Building Inspiration

    As one of the few registered master builders in WA that works solely in the custom home market, Wholagan is the preferred builder for many, particularly when constructing some of the most spectacular homes within the Margaret River region.

  • Quaine Constructions

    With a reputation for high build quality and personalised, professional service, Drew Quartermaine of Quaine Constructions remains enthusiastic and energised by the challenges of individual design.

  • Tallwood Constructions

    Since 1998, owner, manager and supervisor, Alex Campbell, has seen to fruition the vision of countless boutique residences for many South-West clients. The realisation of brilliant design concept through masterful construction is Tallwood's specialty.

  • Adrian Zorzi

    The art of precision building runs through Adrian’s veins. Born into a family with meticulous building standards, Adrian has been immersed in the construction industry all of his life. 

  • Pirone Builders

    There's a reason Pirone Builders are considered one of WA's most prestigious builders...  it's our ethos and the fundamental difference between us and other ordinary Perth builders...   just one simple word...  QUALITY.